Original Our Values

Our Values

Our values are the essence of what makes us special. They represent the collective beliefs, behaviours and ambitions we share. They shape what we do in every part of our business.

Everyone should walk out of our doors feeling more inspired than they were coming in. Our stores are places of discovery and inspiration – insight into the worlds of fashion, beauty, accessories, homeware and a lot more. We provide exceptional service and a unique, evolving atmosphere that creates customers for life – because inspiration never gets old.

Inspire someone before lunch.

Walk around. We are surrounded by the creativity of the World’s top designers and best brands. Creativity is our business. We seek it out, share it and ship it. But creativity doesn’t just sit neatly on shelves and hang on racks. It’s a force. We work hard to create a culture that is fresh, exciting and disruptive. This is a place that is ever-evolving. Bland is not our brand.

Be bold and original in everything you do.

This business is fast paced – but we stay out in front because we never settle. We believe there’s always a better way of doing things. We know our next big idea could come from anyone. If we’re not innovating we’re falling behind. That’s why we celebrate and reward your efforts and commitment.

We’re loving your work.

We are a lot more than a work force. We’re the best at what we do and our strength comes from our ever-evolving team. We are a force. We share ideas, inspiration and experiences. We learn from each other and we grow together. If we want to inspire everyone who walks through our doors let’s start by inspiring each other, every day.

We thrive as an ever-evolving team.

We are respectful and considerate of the world we live in and everyone we meet in the course of our day. As part of our communities, we play our part for the greater good with enthusiasm and honesty. We like to collaborate with brands and labels that create and manufacture with good and green ethics. Decency never goes out of fashion.

Whatever you do, do the right thing.

Regular incentives and our annual awards recognise the hard work and dedication of our team members which promote and reinforce these values. We gather feedback through annual opinion surveys and listening groups, to find out what we are doing well and what we can do better.

Externally these values portray our aspirations; internally they embody who we are.