About Us

Two iconic brands.

One incredible business.

We are immensely proud of our unique heritage, yet never stop evolving and Reinventing Retail. We care for our people. We believe a great customer experience starts with a great people experience. That is why we promote a culture where talent is nurtured and where creativity and learning are valued.

As one business we have a shared vision and purpose. As two iconic brands, we have much in common, such as our heritage, our creativity and our intuitive service. There are also aspects that are distinctive to each brand, namely product range, appeal and how the brands are expressed.

Our promises encapsulate the uniqueness of each brand. They describe the benefit our customer can expect to receive every time they interact with us. Complementing our shared vision purpose, they provide a focus for every day in every destination, for every interaction. 

We captivate our customers with experience beyond compare. At Brown Thomas we transport our customer with an unrivalled experience. We elevate everything and make our customers feel great.

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Arnotts is built around people and their lifestyles. With something new to be discovered around every corner, we inspire our customers with experiences that help shape their lives

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